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We see Uyuni in a different angle.

Tonito Group has been the leader in offering adventure and comfort in Uyuni for over 20 years. The Tonito Hotel was built by Uyuni's visionary  Alejandro Duran.  Alejandro was the first person to bring trees to Uyuni when others thought they wouldn't grow. He brought electricity to Uyuni by help founding the electric co-op. His determination to make Uyuni a better place to live is reflected in every project he embarks.  The Duran family have been constantly seeking new strategies to improve your travel experience. We are dedicated to ensure your stay will go as smoothly as possible.


Uyuni is what we are all about..


Let us help you make your Uyuni experience unforgettable.

We are honored that you have visited our site. We hope to see you in Uyuni to take the edge off of it's roughness.

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